If you are participating or planning to participate in competitive sports, and have been taking performance-boosting drugs to enhance the chances of winning, you should ensure that your body does not contain traces of the drugs at least a month before the event. Although it is unlikely that you do not know, the WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) issues an updated list of banned drugs on their website every few months. You should check the details on their website to confirm if the drug you are taking is on their list of banned substances.

More information
Find below brief details of the typical tests conducted by WADA and methods that you can follow to avoid being detected. Remember, you should check WADA’s website every few months even if the drugs you are currently taking is not there on their list, as they keep on adding new drugs every couple of months. Apart from this, you should avoid drugs for a couple of months after the sporting event as WADA randomly calls athletes whom they suspect of taking drugs, and who have somehow escaped being detected in the first round of tests. Athletes generally depend on stimulants and steroids to cheat the system by:

• Increasing reaction times
• Developing muscle mass
• Helping them train for long periods without being exhausted
• Hiding other drugs in their body
• Increasing endurance

Urine and blood test
These two are some of the commonest tests carried out by the international anti-doping agency and provides details of many types of drugs. As the agency does not inform the athlete in advance about the time and location of the test to surprise them because they know that athletes know how to conceal the presence of drugs in their system and employ other methods too to mask the presence of illegal stimulants. In most cases of urine testing, an official keeps an eye on the athlete to prevent him from taking somebody else’s urine.

First and second test
The authorities collect the samples in two different bottles, seal them, and send them to the testing laboratory. While the scientists test one sample immediately, they keep the other as a reserve. Scientists check the samples in the laboratory and notify the athlete if he or she has tested positive. The athletes have the right to request for a second test if they have not taken any drugs. This is where scientists test the second sample, a couple of days following the primary test. The testing reagents used by the scientists are extremely sensitive and react positively even if the sample contains an extremely minute percentage of drugs.

How athletes avoid being caught by drug testing
Fake pee is one of the commonest methods that athletes employ to escape being caught during drug testing. Available in the form of powder, the athlete has to put the powder in the container provided by the drug agency and mix it with a specific quantity of water. The resultant solution has the same specific gravity, color, and temperature of fresh and natural urine. As the powder is concealed in a small and disposable pouch, the athletes can drop it in the provided container. As the personnel tracking the athlete typically look for the presence of two individuals, they do not notice this act, and the athletes easily end up without being detected.

Hair follicle test
The specialists of WADA also employ a highly sensitive test in which they take a couple of strands of hair from the athlete’s scalp and chest and examine them for traces of drugs with the help of extremely sensitive reagents. Previously, athletes used to get around this test by shaving the hair on the body and scalp, but this procedure will not help them any longer as the authorities may request him or her to come for the second round of testing once their hair has grown.

Escaping being trapped by the hair detection test
Athletes can escape being tested positive by the hair test by washing their hair thoroughly with detox shampoos. Such shampoos remove all traces of drugs from the hair on the body and scalp of the athlete. However, it is best to play safe and avoid taking drugs at least four months before the event so that the body eliminates all traces of drugs naturally, and he or she can successfully pass drug testing.